Health Center

The University of Mississippi

Fees, Billing and Insurance

Fees for Services

There is no office visit charge to see a healthcare provider for an acute illness or injury. However, there is a fee for physical examinations for activities such as football, diving and ROTC. Student Health Services (SHS) also charges a separate fee for such services as X-rays, laboratory work, orthopedic appliances, dressings, suturing lacerations, injections, immunizations, and other surgical procedures. The charges incurred from your visit may be placed on your bursar account or paid by cash or check.


SHS only accepts assignment for patients covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) and the state employees insurance plan. If you have BCBS of Mississippi, you will need to see a BCBS provider to obtain maximum benefits. Please notify the receptionist at the time of your visit.

If you are covered under an insurance plan, please have a current card with you at the time of service. Once information is given to the insurance office it will not be necessary to have your card at subsequent visits unless your coverage changes.

Graduate students with assistantships who have policies through the Graduate School must have a referral from Student Health Services before being seen by an outside provider. If you are seen by an outside physician or have a diagnostic test performed outside of Student Health Services without first being seen by a healthcare provider at Student Health Services, your outside visit or test may not be covered by your insurance. You do not need a referral if you are seen in an emergency department, if you are more than 50 miles from Student Health, or at any time Student Health Services is closed.


Student Health Insurance

A student health insurance policy is available for graduate students with an assistantship. If you are an International Student or a  Graduate Student  receiving an assistantship, you will be automatically enrolled by the graduate school or International Programs. INFORMATION REGARDING POLICY AND CHARGES WILL BE AVAILABLE AND POSTED IN AUGUST OF EACH YEAR.

Information regarding mandatory health insurance for graduate (with an assistantship) and international students may be viewed at

Due to recent insurance industry changes, we do not currently offer a volunteer insurance plan for undergraduate students.

Important Facts:

  • Insurance information is needed at your first visit to Student Health. (We are only allowed to file Aetna claims within 90 days of the provided services.)
  • Provide an e-mail address that is checked frequently.  This is the first way that you receive a renewal notice.
  • Provide a valid mailing address for receiving your ID card and renewal letter.
  • Dependent coverage will have to match the student coverage.
  • Coverage dates will be the same for student and dependent(s).
  • Minimum enrollment period of 2 months.