Health Center

The University of Mississippi

Do I need to be seen?

Because of the complexity of health problems, it is impossible for a nurse to make this decision over the phone. You will probably be advised to come to the SHS to be seen by a health-care provider.

Will my parents, or professors know why I have been seen at SHS?

No! Services provided are completely confidential. Your health records are separate from your academic records and cannot be viewed or discussed without your expressed written consent.

Am I covered at Student Health Services under my insurance or my parents’ insurance?

Because there are numerous HMOs through the country and other insurance companies in Mississippi that limit where you can access care, it is necessary for you to determine if your insurance covers you at Student Health Services or in Oxford. Even if you are not covered at SHS, most students use it anyway because of the nominal fees charged.

If I sign a release for my medical records, can my records with the staff psychiatrists be released also?

No! Your mental health records are protected by HIPPA and kept separate from your general medical records. You have to specifically state that you want your mental health records released in order for them to be released.

I attended another university in the state. Do I still have to show proof of immunizations when the requirements are the same?

Each university has to have on file a record that shows compliance with the immunization requirements. Universities in the state are not linked for this purpose.

I know that any charges from SHS and the pharmacy can be put on my bursar account, but may I pay at the time of service?

You may pay your SHS bill at the time services are rendered with cash or check only. Pharmacy accepts cash, check, debit and credit cards.


For questions regarding Psychotherapy Notes, Use of medical information and Use of Authorization see the Student Health Policies at